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Fic | The Butterfly Girl | Nala/Rina | Teen/12A

Title: The Butterfly Girl
Author: [personal profile] muccamukk
Fandom: Sinbad (Nala/Rina)
Rating: Teen/12A
Word Count: 6,400
Notes: Written for LittleRaven as a pinch hit for [community profile] fandomgrowthexchange. Thank you to [personal profile] valtyr and [personal profile] healingmirth for cheerleading and beta reading.
Summary: At fourteen, Rina thought that finally escaping her master would mean the start of easy days – or at least less horrifying days, Rina's standards were pretty low – but then chance threw her together with a cursed princess, and Rina realised that her trouble had only started.
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[NEWS] Junix Inocian passes away

MANILA – Acclaimed Filipino actor Junix Inocian passed away in the United Kingdom on Saturday. He was 64.

The news was announced by his widow Luna and son JC in their respective Facebook pages.


According to reports, Inocian’s body was found in his London home on Saturday after he failed to show up in the shooting of his film. As of writing, authorities are reportedly still investigating the cause of his death.
full article: Acclaimed Filipino actor Junix Inocian passes away (ABS-CBN News, 2015/06/14)

RIP. Inocian played Cook, who I think is one of the most mysterious characters on the show, mainly because he doesn't (couldn't?) leave the ship.
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Sinbad Art

I don't know how many of you tumblr, but there's the cutest Sinbad art blog happening right now: [ profile] ask-the-providence-crew by [ profile] toastyhat. Great art, and often very funny. SFW so far.
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Sinbad Rewatch, anyone?

I was thinking of taking our two weeks sans our favourite shows (The Musketeers and Agent Carter) to do a Sinbad rewatch, and was wondering if anyone was interested in playing along. If not, I'll probably just plug through on my own and emerge to make various and sundry squee noises.

Anyway, check out the post on my DW if you're interested. There's a poll and everything.

ETA: I was planning to do it on my DW, but it could also occur here, if that's what people want to do.
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[BANNERS] Nala & Sinbad

Click on preview or here~
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Click on preview or here~
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Fic | By Light of Lamp and Moon | Nala/Rina | Mature

Title: By Light of Lamp and Moon
Author: [personal profile] muccamukk
Fandom: Sinbad (Nala/Rina)
Rating: Mature/15
Word Count: 1,300
Notes: Written for the Fragments of Sappho challenge over at [ profile] dogged_by_muses. My fragment was, "I long and seek after." Thank you [personal profile] healingmirth for a very comprehensive beta read.
Summary: When The Providence returns to Basra, Rina looks for Nala and the answer to a question she doesn't quite know how to ask.
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Fic - Rina/Sinbad, Rina/Tiger, Gen - By Her Very Nature

Title: By Her Very Nature
Author: [personal profile] muccamukk
Fandom: Sinbad Sky1 (Rina/Sinbad, Rina/Tiger, Gunnar, Nala, Anwar, Cook)
Rating: 18/Explicit (Contains: sex toys, imprisonment, serious illness, and 9th-century medical procedures)
Word Count: 6,600
Notes: Written for Female Character Tropefest, as kind of a bring your own tropes affair (see taglist for details). Thank you to [personal profile] surexit for beta reading!
Summary: Or, five times Rina slept with a member of the crew of the Providence, for varying definitions of "slept with." Or, Feelings! What are they?
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Fic: Sharing

Title: Sharing
Pairing: Nala/Rina
Rating: PG
Word Count: 465
Notes: Written for [community profile] girlgay's comment ficathon.
Summary: Late at night, in the galley.

At the AO3.

friending meme

3 weeks for DW

A friending meme for DW lovers :)
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Sinbad Cancelled

According to, Sinbad will not be getting a second season.

Some agitation on the Sinbad (2012) facebook page for a continuation.
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Fic: A Slight Error of Judgement

Title: A Slight Error of Judgement
Pairing: Gunnar/Sinbad
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1135
Notes: Written for [community profile] trope_bingo's 'accidental marriage' square.
Summary: Sinbad wakes up in bed next to Gunnar in a dark room. This is a thing that has happened before.

AO3 | DW | LJ
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Icons: Nala w/ Wings

(Four More Icons Here)

Also, sign ups for [ profile] rarewomen are now open. Rina, Nala, Tiger, Taryn and Safia are nominated.
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Rewatch Notes

Just finished rewatching the DVD and special features, and made some notes for my own writing. I thought I'd post them here too, as they might be useful. I watched with subtitles on, which is what I'm basing the spelling on. Unless I note otherwise, the names are made up by the show.

Most of the following is place names and character notes. There's some historical notes, but this isn't really my area, so mileage may vary. ETA2: Also since the historical research policy on the actual show is clearly "El Oh El" in most cases, "who cares?" seems to me to be a totally appropriate response. I just think this stuff is interesting /ETA2

I've put things in order of episode, with the special features at the end. )

Please add your own comments and corrections. Discussion! \o/

ETA: I also made an AO3 feed for the Sinbad tag. I always forget to check there. [syndicated profile] ao3_sinbad_feed
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The Availability of "Sindbad" in the States?

Hello, longtime lurker, first time poster. At present I'm currently without a television and I've been dying to watch this series since they announced it. However, I live in the states, so I'm wondering: do they plan on making this available to US audiences via R1-DVD/Blu-Ray or is already on the Sci-Fi channel?
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Fic - Gunnar/Nala/Sinbad - At Their Lady's Command

Title: At Their Lady's Command
Author: [personal profile] muccamukk
Fandom: Sinbad Sky1 (Gunnar/Nala/Sinbad)
Rating: 18/Explicit (contains: F/m/m sex, D/s and roleplay)
Word Count: 3,800
Notes: For Porn Battle XIV prompt: Sinbad, Gunnar/Nala/Sinbad, domme, circumstantial.
Summary: Nala's a pretty, pretty princess; Gunnar's her loyal slave, and Sinbad's just happy to be there, even if he's not too sure about the harem pants.
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Fic - Gunnar/Sinbad - That Night on Deck

Title: That Night on Deck
Author: [personal profile] muccamukk
Fandom: Sinbad Sky1 (Gunnar/Sinbad)
Rating (warnings): PG-13/12A (none)
Word Count: 1,400
Notes: Written for [personal profile] papryka for [community profile] fandom_stocking. Thanks to Nenya for the last minute beta.
Summary: Following "Eye of the Tiger," Sinbad wants to know why Gunnar keeps watching him.

On a mostly unrelated note, A few people have left Sinbad prompts over at Porn Battle 14. The battle starts Sunday.

Fic: An Unlikely Crew 1/1

Title: An Unlikely Crew
Author: [personal profile] meridian_rose
Pairing/Characters: General series
Rating: U
Word Count: 451
Prompt: For the cottoncandy-bingo prompt 'friendship' and the 100-tales prompt 'people'.
Summary: Sometime after the first episode, Sinbad reflects on his life now and the people in it.
Warnings: None

LJ // A03 // DW