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I was thinking of taking our two weeks sans our favourite shows (The Musketeers and Agent Carter) to do a Sinbad rewatch, and was wondering if anyone was interested in playing along. If not, I'll probably just plug through on my own and emerge to make various and sundry squee noises.

Anyway, check out the post on my DW if you're interested. There's a poll and everything.

ETA: I was planning to do it on my DW, but it could also occur here, if that's what people want to do.
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According to, Sinbad will not be getting a second season.

Some agitation on the Sinbad (2012) facebook page for a continuation.
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Just finished rewatching the DVD and special features, and made some notes for my own writing. I thought I'd post them here too, as they might be useful. I watched with subtitles on, which is what I'm basing the spelling on. Unless I note otherwise, the names are made up by the show.

Most of the following is place names and character notes. There's some historical notes, but this isn't really my area, so mileage may vary. ETA2: Also since the historical research policy on the actual show is clearly "El Oh El" in most cases, "who cares?" seems to me to be a totally appropriate response. I just think this stuff is interesting /ETA2

I've put things in order of episode, with the special features at the end. )

Please add your own comments and corrections. Discussion! \o/

ETA: I also made an AO3 feed for the Sinbad tag. I always forget to check there. [syndicated profile] ao3_sinbad_feed
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Hello, longtime lurker, first time poster. At present I'm currently without a television and I've been dying to watch this series since they announced it. However, I live in the states, so I'm wondering: do they plan on making this available to US audiences via R1-DVD/Blu-Ray or is already on the Sci-Fi channel?

So far?

Aug. 9th, 2012 02:58 pm
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So, what are you all thinking of the series so far?

Who is your favourite character so far?

Favourite episode so far?
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Hai! So I was nicely talked into making this comm so let's just get started shall we?

Basically, this is a discussion post for Sinbad so far. Give me all your feels on the matter. Do you have a favourite character? Are you shipping anyone yet? Frustrations? Loves? What did you think of each episode individually?

Have you watched anything about the adventures of Sinbad before? Has that impacted how you view this series so far?

I'm thinking I will put up a discussion post for each episode as it airs on sky 1, and people can come and chat about it either as they watch or after when they have their thoughts together. :)

Oh and, personally I'm a fan of tl;dr so spam away :D And if you could pimp out the comm, that would be awesome. ♥


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