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So far?

Aug. 9th, 2012 02:58 pm
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So, what are you all thinking of the series so far?

Who is your favourite character so far?

Favourite episode so far?
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Sinbad Prompt Meme!

This is the comm's prompt meme for all your creative needs. This is how it works.

• one prompt per comment
• more than one person can respond to a prompt
• you can write fic, make graphics, fanmixes, mini mixes, fanart whatever. fic should be 100 min~
• put any warnings in the subject line
• you can link to your stories elsewhere if you wish
• provide ratings for fiction, artwork and mixes if lyrics content explicit content.
• Use UK ratings. A guide to the ratings can be found in the community profile

Advertise the meme!

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Hai! So I was nicely talked into making this comm so let's just get started shall we?

Basically, this is a discussion post for Sinbad so far. Give me all your feels on the matter. Do you have a favourite character? Are you shipping anyone yet? Frustrations? Loves? What did you think of each episode individually?

Have you watched anything about the adventures of Sinbad before? Has that impacted how you view this series so far?

I'm thinking I will put up a discussion post for each episode as it airs on sky 1, and people can come and chat about it either as they watch or after when they have their thoughts together. :)

Oh and, personally I'm a fan of tl;dr so spam away :D And if you could pimp out the comm, that would be awesome. ♥


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